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Taxes are

- Our customers are not afraid of tax audits.
- Our customers are not afraid to submit revisions of tax statements.
- Our customers pay low taxes under applicable law.

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Tax news

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How to save on

- When selling a real property one should consider the taxation thereof with VAT.
Then you can avoid the 2% tax on civil law transactions (TCLT).
- Company may issue bonds instead of getting a loan, then it may avoid the 2%
- Property tax is payable starting from the first full fiscal year so it is worthwhile
to complete the construction in January rather than in December.


Corporate fiscal matters

Personal fiscal matters

Inheritance and donations

Foreign income

Employee secondment

Real estate and tax optimization


Partnerships and companies

Foreign affiliates

Owner’s income optimizing

Securing private property

Ownership succession

Sale of a business or organized part of a business


Foreign employer representation

Full accounting reporting

Clearing backlog of accounting settlements

Correction and completion of financial statements

Foreign affiliate accountancy

Accounting for taxes for previous periods


Economic law

Labour law

Cooperation with lawyers of various specialities

Comprehensive legal and tax solutions

OKW – Olczak – Klimek van der Kroft Węgiełek Kancelaria Radców Prawnych

Common project running

HMDP is a member of the global network of independent accounting firms KRESTON INTERNATIONAL, having over 700 offices in 98 countries. Owing to our partners from KRESTON we provide services to both Polish clients doing business in many European countries and foreign clients operating in Poland.
We are active within the VAT expert group at KRESTON INTERNATIONAL which brings together specialists from almost all European countries.

About Us

“We solve tax problems Polish and foreign companies, but we help also individuals since we deem our profession a mission.”

„An entrepreneur must deal with his own business, and should not be too deeply involved in tax issues, therefore our Clients appreciate our genuine commitment to their affairs. Therefore, as far as we know, we are the only company that employ full-time tax advisers under employment contracts, not under a cooperation agreement or a freelance contract. As a result, we know that we have a competent team of experienced tax advisers specialized in different fields, and that this is a team both we and our customers can always rely on. We are members of Kreston International, owing to which we can provide our services to customers in 100 countries worldwide.”


More than 24 years of experience


We speak 4 languages


We employ five tax advisers on a regular basis


W have been trusted by more than two hundred companies

SPCC is a very active business organisation that is close to us because we know the Swedish language and culture.

Within SPCC, we give lectures and provide training and we engage willingly in other events, where we can share our experience and not only present our own business, but also learn about the offer of other members. It is important for us that the membership entails some SPCC conditions, which makes the relationships established there valuable.

KIDP brings together tax advisers only.

Thanks to KIDP, a tax adviser is obliged to improve the qualifications, maintain liability insurance and apply the rules of professional ethics, including professional secrecy. KIDP deletes from their members list those who fail to comply with these obligations.


Wiesław Husarski

Ewa Kilian

Piotr Michalski

Tax advisors

Hanna Jankowska-Kwiatkowska

Ewa Kilian

Accounting advisors

Joanna Kasińska

Katarzyna Król

Justyna Kryńska

Edyta Kaczyńska

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